Refurbished Minecraft: 1.4.6 New Years Update

Greetings, fellow Minecrafters! As I’m sure most of you know, Minecraft has updates that are steadily approaching in the time of the New Year! They have very many new features and bug fixes that will, in my opinion, completely make Minecraft that much better. If you wish to take a quick look at these updates yourself, I will provide a link.

While some of these new features are not a necessity, it will definitely help improve fun, and honestly, it will provide new ways to “goof” off in Minecraft.
The best example is the new fireworks; this is a great addition, and I, personally, have been hoping that they would add it at some point in time. There isn’t too much to talk about on fireworks, just that they are available to craft and customize.

As with every update, of course they just had to add a new block. I think this is a tradition for them (the Minecraft design team). Without a new block, it isn’t an update, just a clean-up. The new block, however, has been desperately wanted by me, and I’m sure by many others; the block is the Netherbrick Slab! Yes, it is finally planned to be added! I’ve found many areas where this block can be used, but has never been available, so once it does come out; expect to see a lot of it.

This has to be one of the best things ever: enchantable books. It sounds completely useless, but it definitely is going to be amazing. Have you ever gotten a completely useless trait on a sword, such as smite? While this can be useful, it generally isn’t. I much prefer sharpness. Well, with this new addition, you can put useful enchantments on your weapons, and save your not so good enchantment for later; there are times where smite would be needed, but for the most part, sharpness is what is wanted. This keeps you from wasting a good amount of experience on something you don’t want.

One of the minor additions to Minecraft will only be available on December 25th.This addition only includes a re-texture of the chests; they’ll look like presents on Christmas! Not too much of an addition, but hey – it’ll be a nice little treat for Minecrafters!

Another inclusion of this update is the item drops have been improved; unfortunately, no, this isn’t talking about drop rate. It’s talking about when you press Q to drop an item, it drops said item, and now the item will rotate, and be in 3D instead of 2D. While this is very cool, it only is applied to those with Fancy graphics on. However, a very useful addition to Minecraft is now when you press CTRL+Q the entire stack that is in your hotkey slot that you are over gets dropped. For example, if you have thirty-seven cobblestone that you have selected, and you press CTRL+Q, the entire stack will drop. Items will also show enchantments when on the ground, but only in Fancy graphics mode.

Not the biggest thing in this update, but useful for redstone purposes, is the ability to hold “shift”, or your sneak button, and you can place any block, that I know of, on workbenches, furnaces, and dispensers! Very minor, yet very useful.

The last major thing they are planning to add is the “Highlight Tool Feature.” When switching items in the hotbar, it will say the name of what you are using. It isn’t exactly major, but it can be handy, in certain scenarios.

As promised, here is the link:

I hope you enjoyed the brief review, and expect more as Minecraft continues on in its growth!



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